Directory: Company Contacts


The main office number - text/call -  314.799.4554
Customer Service email is

Tammy -
Tammy is our founder and all time lead.

Josh -
Josh is over our IT Guy and can answer any questions you have and will be doing some of your training.

Andrea -
Andrea is our financial girl! She is the person you will go to if you have any questions regarding your commissions or YTD numbers!

Lynne -
Lynne is our go to girl for everything, she will be the one bugging you about signing up for training, getting forms sent in and making sure you are on track!

Sydney -
Sydney is over sales and marketing! You will love her. She will be your point of contact for marketing and any sales questions you have.

Kristin -
Kristin is our content Queen! Let her know if you need help with writing emails, content or anything else!