Upon examining our competitors social media, it's noticeable the most likes received on posts are memes they find on the internet. This lacks emphasizing their product. We can create our own entertaining posts in a different way that markets our signs...and what's better than a good pun!?!?

I realize some sayings below customers would not necessarily request, however the goal is to gain attention via comedy. Happy Birthday Signs are an AMAZING way to celebrate and post about, but it's beneficial to provide a variety of material...even if it's solely entertainment. 





  • Stay Pawsitive
  • Howl I ever live without you?
  • Howl you doin?
    • Instagram caption: Dating profile for of dog, years old, single
  • Trust me, I’m a dog-tor
    • Insta to appreciate medical staff during covid?
  • Summer and pup-sicles
    • Kids and pups, popsicles
  • Parents gone. Raise the ruff.
    • Dog thoughts as some people return from office homes to work
  • Living the pug life
  • I’m mutts about you
  • Pardon the inter-ruff-tion
    • Caption: interruption in your feed for something cute or promo on signs
  • Happy Anni-fur-sary
  • I’m fur-ever yours
  • Its the leash I can do
  • Wheres the pawty at!?…..or...Welcome Home Pawty!
  • Love long and paws-prer
  • Big bad woof
  • IDEA!!!

      • DO funny 5 portfolios of dogs and dress them up as these characters for funny flip through 
        • Dwight d eisenhower
        • Hairy paw-ter
        • Kim kardachshund
        • Luke skybarker
        • Marry puppins
        • Sherlock bones
        • Winnie the pooch



  • Cute as can bee (w a bee)
  • Taco bout cute (w a taco)
  • Thats how i roll (stroller)
  • Its hard out there for a shrimp (baby in shrimp costume lol)
  • I drink til i pass out (w milk bottle)
  • Daddy’s girl and mommy’s world
  • Grandpa’s first mate
  • I’m egg-stra special
  • Chick-magnet
  • But first milk
  • Rock me all night long (w baby hand shaker)
  • Unbearably handsome
  • Tax deduction
  • Player three has entered the game with football theme


  • Dont be salty (w a pretzel)
  • Dont be a crappy human (poop)
  • Its 5’oclock somewhere (booze,tropical theme)


  • Achieve grape-ness
  • Smartie pants
  • (Name)Teacher of the Year 
  • We’re rooting for you 
  • Kick Booty
  • College Acceptance



  • You've made the team!



  • Depresso (caption “that feeling you get when you’ve run outta coffee”)
    • Signs of sad emojis, coffee, etc
  • Coffee is like duct tape
    • Caption: it fixes everything
  • Pour some sugar on me -coffee
    • Like the coffee is speaking
  • Life begins after coffee
  • No talkie until coffee 
    • Coffee mugs in yard, coffee signs
  • Pot head (coffee pot)
  • Rise and shine, its coffee time


Happy Birthday

  • Have an eggcellent Bday
  • 2nd Birthday
    • Choo Choo Im 2 (train set)
  • 16th Birthday
    •  Stay off the Roads! (Name) is 16!
  • 30th Birthday
    • Talk 30 to me!
  • 40th Birthday 
    • Sporty and Forty
    • Fabulous Forty

New/Opening/Advertising for Business

  • Coming Soon!

4th of July

  • Best Treat July 4th? POPsicles
  • Let fireworks/freedom ring
  • Because ‘merica that’s why
  • Oh my stars
  • Party like its 1776
  • Red, white, and cool
  • U.S. of yay!

Father’s Day

  • Best Dad Ever!
  • Voted #1…..(anything they are good at)
  • Voted #1 Dad
  • Voted #1 Golfer
  • Voted #1 Yard in the Neighborhood
  • A Great Dad lives Here!
  • Bad A!@ Dad Here!
  • Happy Father’s Day!
  • HERO = DAD
  • Rad Dad in the House



  • Fra-gee-lay ("The Christmas Story")
  • You've been Elf-ed!
  • Elf has arrived



  • You've been Gnomed (with love gnomes)



  • You've been Egged
  • Hoppy Easter



  • You've been Ghosted



  • You've been Turkeyed