Keys to Success Contest!

#1 Share your contact information with 314.799.4554

#2 Join your STC Facebook group and do a post to introduce yourself.

#3 Announce on your personal page about your new adventure (people wont use you, if they don’t know you do this.

#4  Stake a sign in your yard and post a picture of it in your facebook group.

#5 Potential customer - How would you respond.   Hi - I am interested in booking a sign this weekend for my daughter? Charge? How do I book? Respond back! THIS WAS SENT AS A TEXT, You had to respond via text.

#6 Do a free sign for a friend! New business, Friends birthday? 4th of July? Email us a picture or the date you have scheduled.

7# Follow Us on Social & Comment on a post!

Instagram - Signs2Celebrate

Facebook - Signs to Celebrate

Reply when you have done this.

8# Email us what your URL is?

9# Email answer – Customer wants to know if you can book a sign without paying for it.

10# What is the monthly password for the Celebrator Corner?

11# Post a listing on marketplace in your area about signs. Screen shot it and send it to

12#  Who is your top competitor in your area ? What do they charge ? Email us

13# Feeling frustrated? What do you do ? Email us the answer

14# Set up a coupon code in your site to give to your friends. Email us when you have done this.

15# Book a sign for through your website use code thisisatest Email us when you have done this.

 16# Where do you find all the images to share on your Facebook group and with friends. 


Each one of these are showing you how to use tools!